Background and Challenge

ZK Lashes is a local eye-lash extension beauty service managed by single owner. Once the Website would be launched, it would rely 100% on its online presence in order to acquire customers.

As such, although I was not working with a team, the user journey had to be one of the most memorable of all as the business would solely rely on that.

​This project was probably the one I had to use most of my versatility skills. Besides my usual UIUX work and methodology, I had to also use my skills in:

The Strategy

Prior to even starting the research and the user flow design, I have created the business’s logo and recommended the MD to open a few social media accounts for the business (and leaving them in private for the time being).

As there is absolutely no business awareness, from the web design stand point, I would have to develop such visual communication that would give instant credibility and trust.

As a result, I have asked the owner to invite some of her family and friends to try her lash extensions, document it (for later case studies use), write down their testimonials and take pictures of the before and after.

Now I could start working on the website.

How it was achieved

I started by doing some research on local services around the area of Staines. I found a few salons but none of them offering the same informal format that my customer was planning on.  In terms of product offer, this would be the key differentiator.

I have put together a simple sitemap and a few low fi wireframes that would focus mostly on testimonials and results.

Feeling local and building trust

Once the final hi fidelity wireframes were close to being completed, this was the time where I have recommended ZK Lashes to go live with their social media accounts.

There were a few other marketing strategies I have developed to promote this business, but the one I can mention here was the integration with Instagram on their website.

This way, the customer can see in a video format (and backed up by the social media engagements in the forms of comments and likes) that their work is reliable and appreciated. These social media engagements also helped creating a “follow the crowd” feeling which ultimately resulted in their success.


After following it up with some of my SEO and social media strategies for services awareness, ZK Lashes usually populates the first page on the Google search (Staines area) and currently has around 10 bookings per day and a waiting list of up to two months on a regular basis.

Please visit the website below: