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Whether in Product or Web Design, I am extremely methodical in the way I work.

As such, following the proven Double Diamond approach, each project contain various methods of user research and testing to ensure a user-centric design methodology with no assumptions.

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Although I am coming from a music and B2B IT sales background, for as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about design.

However for the past 10 years, I took a greater interest into Web & Product Design when I started my own freelance business.

The projects I undertook allowed me to develop not only as an UI/UX Designer and an artist but also as a consultant and a researcher.

As I am genuinely curious, I keep on learning and doing courses on various subjects (within and outside my field).
This allowed me to become versatile in many fields, including design, research, music, video editing and even selling.

A Youtube
Content Creator

My passion for the role lead me to create a UIUX content related Youtube Channel (UIUX Stuff).

From Tutorials and Software to Research, Accessibility and Best Practices, this channel is dedicated to everything related to UIUX, Product and Web design.

Here is also where I have developed my skills in working with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, 3D software and a few others.

Please visit it and, if you like the content, like, comment and subscribe.

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Jo Migom

Thomas Cook | CDO/CMO

Goncalo joined our team in the early days of rebuilding the new face for Thomas Cook. The challenge of a lifetime. In previous brand research we conducted in the old business customers compared Thomas Cook to the old man at a party wanting to go home early. Clearly we wanted to reshape the new Thomas Cook, keeping what was great yet polishing what needed a refresh. Being such a small team and looking after UX meant that Goncalo was able to take so much under his wings. A redesign was needed and Goncalo combined his great design skills with user research to contribute to the design of the soon to be (I am sure!) award winning website. The satisfaction rates of customers with the new TC are astronomically higher than the old and that is in a large part thanks to Goncalo. I would hire Goncalo back any day!

Amith Mohan

IT Learning Hub | Co-founder & Director

"Our students got the opportunity to learn under Goncalo on various design patterns  and standards followed in the industry across the globe. Goncalo's experience in the industry and is his passion to inspire young aspiring students through lecture was commendable, we are very positive and happy with the kind of involvement our students had throughout the lecture and the strong and positive feedback from all the students."

Jason May

Nationwide | Product Manager

Goncalo was brought on board to support understand the customer and brokers needs for BTL sales and service. Goncalo undertook research with our customers helping drive out customer/broker profiles to support our future thinking, he demonstrates great UX principles in the way he works and uses this to back up the designs and future opportunities that we have at our disposal. It is great to see how he weaves in the customer need with the business desires and has a can do attitude to any problem statement faced.

Glowing recommendation and look forward to continuing our relationship

Youssef Alla

Sadaka | Chair

"When running a charity it’s always an understatement to say that budgets on projects like these are tight. That meant that for the development of this website we needed someone that could be an entire IT team. That encapsulates not only being the UIUX designer and researcher but also the project manager, developer, business analyst, product owner, and the list goes on. Given the technology we could use (WIX) was incredibly limited not only in terms of design but functionality, it was truly remarkable the ideas and solutions that Goncalo managed to come up with to circumvent these adversities. The final product was a user-tested, engaging, and modern-looking website that works seamlessly on desktop and mobile.

Thank you Goncalo!"

Alvina Miller

Thomas Cook | Product Owner

"I worked alongside Goncalo in his capacity as UX designer for both CMS and the booking page.

Slightly different skills were required for each with CMS being target oriented, while the other required sound technical understanding and the ability to provide a good user experience through the booking part of the journey. Goncalo did thorough user testing to ensure that the UX design for the features we delivered were based of the findings, providing a good CX.

Goncalo is great to work with, and delivers fast, fantastic designs!"

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